How the murder of one little girl,
                         Unlocked the greatest conspiracy of our Day!    


But by her death would we know! 

For years a near continual series of serial killers have stalked Western Canada; one after the other they terrorized the local populations. Very few suspects were ever identified or apprehended. Finally there was a break, one of these killers was caught red handed in the act of abducting an eight year old girl later found murdered. The ensuing investigation was horribly botched, the DNA evidence even destroyed under orders from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A suspect was arrested and tried but acquitted as a result of the RCMP's actions. It was obvious that something highly unusual had taken place to warrant this degree of obstruction, something so important to the RCMP that were even willing to destroy their own reputations in the process. This was not the first time that Shannon Murrin, the prime suspect, had been accused of murder nor would it be his last. Time after time he has avoided investigation and side stepped justice, the evidence against him continues to mount in multiple cases stretching from coast to coast. The latest allegations involve him in a bizarre double murder scenario, that case yet another indication of the degree of  protection and obstruction of justice afforded him.. A secret motive for Murrin's protection is uncovered..

There was always much more to the murder of Mindy Tran than anyone was ever supposed to know. Hidden and concealed by the RCMP is evidence of a sequence of events that differs entirely from the "official" version, evidence that would not only solve this crime but would implicate the RCMP in obstruction of justice at the highest levels. Shannon Murrin was slipped through the justice system portrayed as the hapless patsy of an overzealous cop. No one was ever supposed to know that Murrin was an RCMP agent, nor were we to know that the police had secretly been working to gain Murrin's acquittal right from the start. It was only after the trial when Murrin's RCMP protected agent status became known that the same evidence would then expose the charade for what it was and catch the cops in the ultimate act of public betrayal. This is what really happened on the night of Mindy Tran's murder, a story the RCMP never wanted known.
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Even amongst the ranks of RCMP informants, Shannon Murrin is an anomaly. There have been other RCMP agents implicated in these sorts of crimes before and most of them have been brought to justice by one means or another. Why not this agent? What was so special about Shannon Murrin that he warrants RCMP protection to this day despite overwhelming evidence of his involvement in multiple rapes, murders, and child abduction? The RCMP policy of protecting this particular police informant even though they were fully aware that policy had already resulted in the murder of at least one other young woman prior to Mindy Tran is where a line got crossed within the RCMP and where they themselves became complicit. Protecting Shannon Murrin recklessly endangered the public and resulted in the murder of Mindy Tran. The RCMP policy that protects this agent has not changed since, he is out on the street once again, his next victim still prohibited under Canada's informant disclosure laws from knowing of the danger that lurks just around the corner, a psycho with a license to kill! The methods employed by the police to cover-up this murder exposed and provides a blueprint to recognize what is now suspected in many others! 
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Just how far will the RCMP go to protect this particular agent? This is foreign territory for the vast majority of us who have never encountered or even heard of what it is that an RCMP agent does let alone one sanctioned to commit a horrendous crime like this. The troubling pattern of finding dead and obstructed witnesses as evidenced during the Tran murder investigation did not just stop with Shannon Murrin's acquittal. Several more suspicious deaths, including even the child of a high profile CBC reporter occurred afterwards during the process of investigating and trying to expose this story. 
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What possible motive could the RCMP have to warrant this degree of obstruction and protection for Shannon Murrin, agent or not? Secreted away by the RCMP is evidence that Shannon Murrin had not been acting alone. There were other potential suspects, one a prominent politician who would never be investigated. A judicial gag order prohibits him and his family from even being named in association with this crime. Had the search for a child killer been compromised merely to save this politician and his family from adverse publicity or are we witnessing something far different? Shannon Murrin is providing a smoke screen for his fellow co-conspirators to hide behind!

This is the point where many paths cross and where the trail of evidence unfortunately meets up with circumstance generally portrayed as the stuff of conspiracy theory. Yet the facts are undeniable, this is where the path of one of Canada's most prominent Politician's intersects with one of Canada's most heavily protected undercover agents. This marked the exact time and place where a child was abducted and murdered. The ensuing investigation became one of the most blatantly obstructed murder cases in all of Canadian history even calling upon the provisions of National Security to with hold evidence from the jury. This is also marked the start of the uninvestigated politician's meteoric rise to the top of Federal politics. What Mindy revealed to us may well be evidence of some thing far more sinister than the mere gratification of sexual perversions. Mindy Tran's murder provides the means and the evidence by which the identities and activities of a small but powerful group of arrogant and possibly treasonous individuals can now be seen in the light of Day! 
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There is no doubt that high ranking members of the RCMP, the justice system, and the Canadian government deliberately obstructed this investigation and contributed to the acquittal of a child killer. A recently revealed once secret Canadian law makes it mandatory for them to do so. That same law even forbids  information on a crime like this to be disclosed to Canada's Federal Minister of Public Safety. Anyone of us in this country, including our children can be legally murdered  under this law, and no one is permitted to know! How is anyone searching for a lost loved one or seeking justice for an unsolved homicide supposed to have confidence in the RCMP or the justice system as long as a law stands that authorizes the murder of Canadian children by agents of their government? This is the case that exposed the origins of this law and the rise to power of a secret organization that hides behind it. 
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