That which protects Shannon Murrin is the secret that he holds, of who he works for and what he does for them. There is a man here in Canada who has the power to authorize the murder of your children and he wields the power to cover it up under National Security! This F.B.I. trained profiler was Shannon Murrin's protector in the past. He now appears to be involved in placing some of Canada's politicians into positions of power via a top secret initiation process that has become Shannon Murrin's secret source of protection! Who is this man?  
Prepare to meet God !

The Politician in question is non other than the Honorable Stockwell Day, Canada's former Minister of Public Safety!  Stockwell Day is the only other viable suspect in the murder of Mindy Tran who fits all the criteria and who could justify a cover-up of this magnitude. Stockwell Day was placed in a position of power in charge of the RCMP.  In this position, he had the power and authority to call for an inquiry into the murder of Mindy Tran or to thwart the same! His choice is a matter of record. Reports have since surfaced claiming that Jim Hart, the former MP for Stockwell Day's political riding, had been paid off to step down and allow Stockwell Day to take over the riding. The RCMP supposedly investigated but found nothing wrong with Day, and Day found nothing wrong with the RCMP investigation of Mindy Tran's murder. This is the story of how this politician enters the story and why suspicion increasingly falls upon him. 
see- Wedding Day
see- Political payoff  


The Politics of Murder
In a nutshell, the following is the only explanation that fits all of the criteria and circumstance found in this case. Shannon Murrin appears to be abducting kids for some powerful people in a manner reminiscent of an organized crime type initiation. The RCMP constructed and obstructed the case against Shannon Murrin in a manner which shields all others from investigation. Murrin takes the heat but eventually walks from the charges following allegations of Police wrongdoing. The RCMP investigate themselves for blowing the case but find no evidence of wrong doing on their part. The politician is placed in a position of power responsible for the RCMP, but refuses to follow through with any inquiry, no questions permitted, case closed! The RCMP protects the Politician from investigation and he in turn protects them and increases their powers, their numbers, and their budget. Crime pays for those whose job it is to stop crime! 

Canada has devised a legal means to authorize these crimes, crimes that are serving as high level initiations and as a means to silence cops, politicians, media, and judicial personal. An entire system is forming as the willing participants in the above acts are promoted and those that contest the procedure are weeded out! The police members and politicians involved in and responsible for the Tran investigation, have since risen to virtually the highest positions of power in the land.
see- RCMP promotions

Legally, the RCMP and the Government have made it against the law for anyone to even inform the Public Safety minister of these activities. If our Politicians are forbidden from hearing about a problem, they have no ability or obligation to deal with the problem. Hear no evil see no evil! 
This is the law that the perpetrators hide behind

see- the law

"The RCMP has said it's illegal for anyone to tell the committee, or even Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, the full story. The victim's family members also cannot be told that their loved one was killed by an agent of the state."

We have been warned!
QUOTE: from- RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli's speach
"Organized crime mobs are targeting Parliament and other Canadian institutions in an attempt to spread corruption and political instability, says the new head of the RCMP.

During a remarkably candid news conference, Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli said yesterday that criminal groups are focusing on Parliament, the courts and other institutions with the aim of "destabilizing" the political system.

Commissioner Zaccardelli's startling comments were reminiscent of controversial statements made by former RCMP commissioner Norman Inkster in the 1980s."

The Head of the RCMP Complaints Commission said:
Quote: INDEPTH: Target Terrorism

"The Martin government appears to be aware that in rush to give the RCMP new powers, a mechanism to keep those powers in check was somehow forgotten. Creating such a mechanism is now a government priority."
Written by CBC News Online staff 
Nothing has changed since the New Conservative government came to power.

What can we do,
where do we start?

quote from Raffe Mair- 
" An investigation, not by police personnel nor former prosecutors, is in order. There is obviously a bad culture seeping into police forces across the country.
Perhaps the first matter to be dealt with is the Chretien move where the Commissioner of the RCMP was no longer independent reporting to Parliament but a Deputy Minister in the Solicitor-General’s ministry and thus a political appointee.
Clearly something is wrong and the public is entitled to know what and when it will be fixed.


Who is orchestrating all of this is a complex and obviously top secret subject for anyone in the know. Who pulls Stockwell Day's strings?  We the public can only surmise and make educated assumptions based on what evidence and facts are available to us. This is usually the realm of conspiracy theorists but unfortunately, that is where we have to go in search of answers. What else is going on out there that fits with the evidence uncovered here? One can only follow the leads, everyone is free to make up their own minds.

Little Known Facts about Mindy Tran's murder

1)    On the day prior to  Mindy Tran's abduction, the press reported on the presence of a Chinese film crew in Kelowna. There was no explanation given as to why they were there, and no follow-up story as to who they were, what they did, or when they left.

2)    Prime Minister Jean Chretien himself showed up two days after Mindy's disappearance under suspicious circumstances, even ditching the queen of England in Vancouver while he flew to Kelowna for a hastily convened round of golf by himself. He and his federal RCMP security squad were photographed meeting with Kelowna’s cops. This would usually be a diplomatic slap in the face, whatever he came for was important enough to warrant it. The Queen and Prince Phillip were left alone attending the common wealth games in Vancouver at the time. 
see- Chretien in Kelowna
see- Chretien's secret police

 3)    A week later, the FBI showed up in Penticton just south of Kelowna for a conference which included members of the Kelowna RCMP. FBI involvement deepened following a similar disappearance of another little girl about the same age as Mindy just south of the border. Her bike was found laying beside her house. It was the same type and color bike as Mindy’s. The RCMP had diverted the Mindy Tran investigation away from Kelowna just before this by insinuating that the suspect may have headed south. These reports added fuel to the fire and allowed for for U.S. involvement in the Tran case. The disappearance of the U.S. girl has never been solved, her parents claim that the FBI and police have prevented and discouraged any meaningful investigation.
see- U.S. disappearance
see- investigation diverted towards U.S.

4)    The queens son Edward showed up unexpectedly in Kelowna shortly after Mindy's abduction, arriving in a black helicopter accompanied by thirteen members of Scotland yard. Supposedly they were there for the Duke of Edinburgh award ceremony.
see- Scotland Yard arrives

5)     On the night of Mindy Tran's disappearance, members of the press reported that the lead investigator (red shirt) was seen flashing Masonic hand signals at the television camera's.
see- photo
see- Masonic hand signals

6)        Upon publishing the website some of the very first hits registered on the site came from overwaitee foods where the former lead investigator in the Tran abduction had found new employment, followed by a European Military organization called SHAPE. At the time their website said that among their most important duties was to provide protection for England's Royal Family in times of trouble. Now their website says that SHAPE has become the headquarters for Supreme Allied command.
see- SHAPE

So right off the bat you have the Federal RCMP, (Shannon Murrin's protectors), followed by the FBI and then Scotland yard, all showing up in Kelowna and all coinciding with a Royal visit.

Strangely, on the Royals very next trip to Vancouver B.C. following the murder of Mindy Tran, another Asian girl was abducted and murdered. News reports showed that there appeared to have been a hunting party out searching for a victim to abduct on the night before this visit. A failed abduction attempt was reported in the news. Then the abducted girl went unreported for nearly a week before being found dead in a suitcase miles away. The Queen's husband Prince Phillip himself met with the newly installed Vancouver City police chief (Active RCMP member) right at the downtown Police headquarters the morning after the girl went missing. The RCMP allowed the only suspect in that murder to leave the country under very suspicious circumstances. He fled to China.
quote: there appeared to have been a breakdown in communication, which led to the delay of a week before the public was notified of the tragic death of Zhao.
see story- Amanda Zhao

Revisiting the Mindy Tran case, one finds additional similarities to the Amanda Zhao murder, Mindy's body was transported in a suitcase. E division headquarters had just been built in Kelowna and the Kelowna Police chief was being replaced at the time of Mindy's abduction. The police member in charge of the Tran investigation would go on to receive the order of merit award after blowing all chances for a conviction in this case. He has his own past associations with another serial killer and another murdered Asian girl coinciding with another Royal visit. That cop would later go on to restructure the entire B.C. lower mainland placing all RCMP detachments under his central control. The ability to conduct murder investigations was taken away from  the individual detachments. 
see-  cops involved 
see- top Kelowna cop replaced

Going back even further in time you will find a similar scenario in the Jack the ripper case, where one of the rippers victims was found on the then newly built foundation of what was to become Scotland Yard. That case established the need for an overseeing professional Police force to take over and investigate these types of serial murder cases. One of the suspects in the ripper case was the then son of the Prince of Wales and later the Royal doctor was also implicated. 
see- the ripper
see-the ripper unveiled

Are there other cases of Royal visits coinciding with abducted and murdered children? 
see- Royal Coincidence?

Going as far back in time as is known, there has always been an element of human sacrifice involved in the most advanced and successful societies everywhere world wide. They were quite often public ceremonies then, sacrifices to the Gods. Fear controlled the population. Has an ancient piece of evil survived in secret right up to the present Day?
see- history of human sacrifice

There are many well known conspiracy theories involving the Royals ranging from David Ick's lizard people to the Royal's being the heads of a Masonic organization as well as another group called the Bilderburgers. There is a huge amount of information on the Royal's activities to be found everywhere. 

The Queen herself expressed knowledge of something funny going on.

"There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge'.
 H. M. Queen Elizabeth II (in conversation with royal butler Paul Burrell) Daily Mirror

The Bilderburgers are supposedly the group that is behind placing certain politicians into positions of power. Several Canadian Politicians have been attendee's at their meetings over the years, including Jean Chretien, Stockwell Day, Steven Harper and Stephan Dion. When Stephan Harper attended in 2003, some reporters speculated that Canada was about to make a shift to the right. Both Harper and Day co wrote a letter to the Washington post backing the war in Iraq.
see- co-letter
Canada- meeting
more- Bilderburgers    2

 When the Bildeburgers came to Canada for their latest convention in Toronto, some news reports had termed it a meeting of  Bohemian Grove North. It was noted that some of the same Bilderburger members also belonged to this other group known as the Bohemian Grove. A United States reporter investigated the actions of this organization and discovered that they worshipped some entity in which they performed mock child sacrifices as part of their ceremonies. Many members of this group are also former and current high profile politicians.
see- Bohemian Grove 
see- report
more- 1  2  


What kind of system is being formed that would even consider using a mock human sacrifice as part of it's ceremonial structure? From here we have to enter the religious arena. In the Bible there is a story of a similar sacrifice. Abraham was instructed by God to kill his eldest son as a test of his obedience. Abraham even though he did not want to, followed orders and was about to follow through before being stopped by God. Could this be the basis of a similar initiation ceremony but one in which the participants pledge allegiance to a different God, a god who does not stop the sacrifice? If a mock child sacrifice demonstrates allegiance and subservience, how much more so then a real one?
see- the story of Abraham

The Royals are also known to have involvement with the Masonic organization. The queen mother was the head of the Knights of Malta back in ww11. The Masons are also known to use a Bible story from the old testament era as the basis of their primary initiation ceremony. That being the story of Hiram Abiff, master builder of Solomon's temple. The Mason's have various degrees of promotions afterwards.
see- Hiram Abif
see- Masonic info website

Masonic organizations are also involved in promoting political candidates from within their ranks into all levels of Political office. Many past Presidents and Prime ministers belonged to this organization. Some reports claim that the Mason's are on a filling in process at the present time, getting the right people into the right office for some unknown future purpose. The Masons are called societies builders by some. 
see- past Masons
see- Famous Canadian Masons
see- past activities
see- other well knowns
see- how it works
see- best


The RCMP have become a political power in themselves, aiding and orchestrating events designed to place certain politicians into positions of power or to discredit others. Most recently, they have been of assistance in moving the Conservatives into power. The RCMP also has a Masonic component made up of RCMP members who travel around performing initiation ceremonies.
see- RCMP degree team 
see- RCMP turn Political
see- RCMP go international
see- children fear for their lives

The stated intent of both the Masonic Order and the Bildeburgers is to eventually bring about a one world government. Some say they intend to accomplish this goal through new age religion.
from- the two faces of Masonary

quote: Freemasonry is Satanic to the core, and is striving mightily to produce the New Age Christ [Antichrist].
see- Summary -Who's involved 

Stockwell Day is the Politician authorized to conduct secret negotiations on behalf of Canada in order to bring about that stated goal, beginning with a unified North American Government. Canada is now entering the final phase of that once top secret operation orchestrated by the backers of this prominent Canadian politician. The results of his actions are only now becoming evident. Watch him as he attempts to fulfill his mission, see the powerful forces arrayed behind him! Note the coincidence that of all the politicians in Canada, it was he who was selected to hold this most powerful of positions at this very time and it is he who is now authorized to engage in secret negotiations once deemed treasonous! 

see- secret meeting 

Geoff Matthews, 
"In my opinion, what they started to plan about 10 years ago is the unification of North America 

without  the consent of the people. It's now in fast-forward."


"4) Secretive summit. The NACC at least is public. But much of what happens in building the elite consensus for deep integration is done in absolute secrecy or very privately, away from the prying eyes of the media. The most secretive of these was held last year from Sept. 12 to 14, in Banff Springs. As The Tyee reported, the gathering was sponsored by something called the * and it was attended by some of the most powerful members of the North American ruling elite.

Stockwell Day refused to even confirm he was there, but said that even if he was, it was a "private" meeting that he would not comment on. There is no better indication that these meetings, and the SPP itself, constitute a parallel governing structure -- unaccountable to any democratic institution or the public."

The evidence is mounting.
see- judicial watch

The integration process  is going much further and faster than anyone realized.
see- Canada to join EU?
see- Negotiations to begin Oct/17th/08

Not many years ago, anyone engaged in this activity could have been tried on charges of treason.
Said Bilderberg Group founder Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, "It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supranational body.


Was this the hidden motive behind the murder of Mindy Tran? Did Stockwell Day commit the ultimate treason, (the murder of a child) as an initiation or demonstration of his personal compliance or allegiance to some foreign power? Is this Stockwell Day's secret mission, to sell out his own country in order to force a merger of the entire North American continent? Is this the reason for the unprecedented level of obstruction of justice found in the murder investigation of Mindy Tran? Is this why no inquiry was ever called despite the availability of new evidence? Is Stockwell Day an anomaly among politicians involved in this amalgamation process or is he just the first of his ilk to emerge from the swamp? Whatever occurred on the night of Mindy Tran's abduction, it set the stage for political espionage and high level blackmail of one of Canada's most powerful politicians.
see- evidence

There have been suspicious activities going on with past members of parliament who held this same portfolio. A secret one party political system appears to be in effect for the holders of this office. 
see- former minister of Public Safety 


Stockwell Day appears to have been acting as an agent for CISC .. Is someone within our policing organization using Stockwell Day as a proxy to enact their  legislation and to place their own people into positions of power?  

quote from Toronto Sun

Sullivan said Coulter's memo to Day is "a bizarre thing."

"You couldn't find a nice thing the Tories said about CSC while they were in opposition ...

 now CSC is writing the script for them," Sullivan said. 

CISC was born in controversy and bathed in the blood of two RCMP members who supposedly committed suicide after testifying before a government commission on the eve of the inception of CISC.
see- Canada's spy agency is born!
see- Canada being turned into a stasi like state

 Update: Recent events have plunged the entire word into economic turmoil. Wholesale changes are being made to the basic structures of trade and commerce. A cabinet shuffle has now placed Stockwell Day in the pilots seat of International trade with a mandate to negotiate what is likely to become the final sell out of Canada as a sovereign state.

Watch his activities closely, be not deceived, see for yourself what he is up to! We are now on the brink of implementing new and foreign economic policies. 


Canada's Police informants and agents have been turned into government controlled assassins, licensed to kill whomever the police should desire. The evil law that they hide behind has been revealed, but the growing list of victims remains hidden from public view under national security.

The victim's family members also cannot be told that their loved one was killed by an agent of the state."

from- the law

For what ever the official reasons behind it; this evil law has come into existence here in Canada and it has legalized the murder of our children. This law is rapidly surfacing as a major cause of concern in Canadian society blocking multiple investigations of countless murders. Thousands of people marched on Ottawa in Sept/08 demanding action in locating 3000 + missing and murdered loved ones.
see- walk for justice
see -CBC story
see- how many victims  

People have begun questioning Canada's standing as the best place in the world to live.
see- story

This situation cannot be cured by any one election or by any one political party. Sir William Stephenson, one of Canada's greatest war heroes from WW2 warned us about the powers that were being granted to those entrusted with maintaining our security and made suggestions concerning that which we now see unfolding here in Canada. The integrity of the individuals entrusted with these powerful laws was paramount. There are individuals hiding behind our current secrecy legislation who should be, and must be held accountable for their actions if any meaningful changes are ever to come. This law is the root from which springs all sorts of untold corruption.
see- Stephenson talks of secrecy.

These are examples of the minimum changes required for the protection of our children.

Stockwell Day could just claim that all of the suspicion being directed at him arises merely from coincidental circumstance involving his family members. He could admit his inability to act responsibly in this matter due to a personal conflict of interest and call for a full blown inquiry into the activities of Shannon Murrin and his co-conspirators in order to dispel any lingering doubts as to his own innocence or allegiance. The Mason's and the Royals could easily call for him to do the same if they had no involvement and have not sanctioned the murder of Mindy Tran. The Canadian government could make the same request. They have the power to stop a child killer and to remove the ability for any others to avoid justice by this means ever again. If the Honorable Stockwell Day will not take the initiative and call for an inquiry or changes to the RCMP agent protection legislation on his own, the explanation is self evident. 
see - evidence


Recent child abductions have created an environment in which we now hear people calling for ID marking of our children including the planting of computer tracking chips. Child abductions are known to increase child find registrations. At the other end of the scale, test are underway in various parts of the world to track pedophiles via satellite. Note Stockwell Days call for global ID.
see- fear boosts child ID registrations
see -Stockwell Day calls for Global ID
see- children chipped
see- satellite pedophile tracking

see- microchip news

Shannon Murrin remains a free man to this day, he knows the identity of his accomplices, he knows who killed Mindy Tran, and he knows who is behind all of this. That is what protected him from being convicted of the murder of Mindy Tran and which continues to protect him from any subsequent inquiry being called or any additional charges  since ...  Shannon Murrin is available once again for his next assignment, none of our children are safe as long as his RCMP protection holds, educate yourselves the time is short. Murrin is only one example of many protected under this legislation. 
see- Dec/28/2009  Kelowna News... Shannon Murrin gets paid off..
On the same day, an article prepared before hand by Stockwell Day was released in which he postures as being incensed over child killings and calls for ever  tighter restrictions. Did he have prior knowledge that  Murrin was going to be paid off ? Did he have anything to do with orchestrating the payoff? He was the minister of public safety for many years, only recently changing portfolios before any questions were asked.
see-story at- updates

The system that is forming in secrecy behind this legislation could well mean the end of Canada if nothing changes. 
see- it has been predicted
see- Celsius911

Please send this info on to as many people and organizations and publicize it as far and wide as fast as possible. Send this to your political representatives, lets see which side your Member of Parliament is on. Who will stand up for the rights of Canada's children, they can't do it for themselves! Copy any or all of the information on this site, it may not be available forever. Should this site go down or should the authors be found dead for any reason, please find a way to republish and distribute this information in as many places and for as long as possible.

Shame on you Canada! 
May this story haunt the perpetrators, the facilitators, and those involved in the cover-up of this little girls murder till their dying Day! 

Mindy Tran 

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