At the time of Mindy's abduction, society in general was largely unaware of the activities engaged in by RCMP agents let alone the level of protection afforded them. For the majority of society, it is almost beyond comprehension to imagine much less suggest, that the RCMP would obstruct and cover-up the murder of a child. However, as time progressed, more and more of these RCMP agents and their crimes were exposed and the complex system that protects them was revealed.
see- informant stories

The press has just recently confirmed that they are prohibited by law from investigating or reporting details of any crime committed by any member of this group. The public is not permitted to know who was being murdered let alone by which agent or why. Any RCMP disclosure on the subject usually suggests that mistakes, an inexperienced handler, or a rogue agent acting outside of their control was to blame for any crimes that may have occurred. 
see- news article

What goes on behind the scenes while the RCMP is engaged in covering up for one of these agents is rarely discussed. The Canadian government and the RCMP have devised a legal means to protect these killers and their RCMP handlers from prosecution. 
see-  legal protection

The problems encountered while attempting to investigate and publicize this particular story are incredibly disturbing. Two additional child deaths and several other suspicious or co-incidental deaths occurred following various attempts to publicly expose the suppressed circumstances surrounding the unsolved murder of Mindy Tran. I am only able to convey my own experiences after I became a witness in this murder. This is a brief summary of what happened to other witnesses in this case.
see- witness stories

This is also why my own personal involvement will now cease, these people and the organizations behind them are far too powerful for any one individual to pursue on his own. Those that obstruct these type of cases are professionals, their tools are infinite and far beyond the comprehension or ability of any one hapless victim to counter. They have absolute control over all other investigative bodies, the legal system and the media. The following events occurred while I was investigating and trying to expose the evidence I had obtained. The individual stories may have alternate explanations, however, when each story is viewed in context with the others, suspicion is cast on all.

On the evening of Mindy Tran's murder, several people witnessed my activities as I followed the suspect. One man in particular appeared very interested in watching the same man that I was following. This man was standing on the corner of Springfield Road, across from the park where Mindy's body was later found. I drove right past him while attempting to follow the same person he was watching. I had to make several unusual driving maneuvers while engaged in my surveillance of the suspect.  I could see that I had caught the attention of the man on the corner and that he was also watching me intently. To the best of my knowledge this man was Randall Redl, the first person named as a suicide in.. witness stories
see- my story

In addition to the person I believe to have been Randall Redl, there was also an older couple walking hand in hand a short distance away from the same corner where Randall Redl was standing.  The couple were walking towards me from the area where Mindy lived. I encountered this couple several times as the suspect I was following walked right past them on a walking trail on route to his hiding spot. The couple were obviously extremely curious about my suspicious driving activities.  I noticed the woman looking closely at my vehicle as if trying to get a license plate number.  When the first news reports aired about Mindy’s abduction, a sketch of a vehicle, identical to mine, was published. The angle of the vehicle in the sketch was the same angle that the woman would have seen my vehicle from.  One sketch even had my dog sitting beside me.  Later that fall, a couple from that particular neighborhood, matching the same age and description of this couple who were watching me, were both killed in a single vehicle accident. There appears to be no record of witness statements in the Court documents matching what these witnesses would have seen and reported. The sketches of my vehicle also disappeared from all newspaper records and media reports.
see- vehicle search

I left Kelowna shortly afterwards and moved a considerable distance away to a very remote and isolated location.  During the winter of 1998, I was again driving the same vehicle that had been reported on the night of Mindy's disappearance. It was at that time I began to notice that I was under police surveillance. I suspected that might happen, given what I had witnessed in the disappearance of Elizabeth back in 1981. It was then that another girl whom I would quite often see at the time became a missing person and was never found. Strange events involving break and enters at the homes of RCMP members in that town began to occur. The perpetrator was another RCMP member.
see-Brianne Wolgram  Revelstoke B.C.
see- cops targeted 1

By way of another strange coincidence while I was in the hospital for minor surgery, the RCMP discovered that I was the witness who had been seen following Shannon Murrin on the night of Mindy Tran's abduction.
see- Michele Trudeau

 Dec/ 1998
Following surgery, home care was set up at my brother's residence in Sicamous B.C. without my knowledge or consent, and without any reason given or notice or negotiation as to what had changed from the original plan. My brother was called and asked if he would make arrangements to pick me up which he did. I then became the victim of a home invasion several weeks later. The attack was carried out by known RCMP agents all while the residence was under surveillance and investigation by the RCMP supposedly for an unrelated drug case.
see-home invasion

Following the home invasion, one of the first persons I told that the home invasion suspects were RCMP informants was one of the home support workers assigned to our residence. He later became a missing person himself and has never been found.
See- missing in Salmon arm 

My brother and I received reports that the same persons suspected in the home invasion were back in our area and frequenting a truck stop restaurant near town. It was at this same time that a teenage boy named Mathew Taylor disappeared from a vehicle in the parking lot of that same truck stop.  Mathew Taylor remains a missing person. After providing this information to an RCMP member in Mathew's home town of Canmore, an RCMP member there became the target for a series of home invasions himself.
see- Mathew Taylor
see- Canmore cop targeted

The home invasion at our residence would eventually provide the evidence as to who was behind the cover-up of Mindy Tran’s murder. I had been pushing hard for the RCMP to provide a motive for the home invasion at our residence. The RCMP falsified evidence in their attempt to make it appear that the home invasion was drug related and connected to a large undercover investigation code named "Project Endocrine." The CBC's fifth estate investigated the strange circumstances of this drug case without ever being informed of the "other" implications and aired their findings. Things started to get bizarre when the evidence began pointing to an extremely high level of government involvement with the connections extending right to the United States White House! What no one knew at the time was that the first person targeted by this drug investigation had also been a witness to the abduction of Mindy Tran. 
see- Endocrine files

After the fifth estate drug investigation segment was televised, I spoke with Kathy Tomlinson the producer of the story about the activities of some RCMP agents involved in the drug case and the home invasion. I told her about the missing girl Elizabeth and disclosed to her that Shannon Murrin was an RCMP agent. She asked if I could prove it.  I identified several people and events from the past which could confirm what I was saying. I went on a short holiday to the U.S.,  shortly after speaking with her. Almost immediately upon my return, I was contacted by Kathy Tomlinson. She was now asking specific questions about one of the individuals I had identified from the past, who could place Sgt. Tidsbury, in Kelowna during the early 1980’s.  Little did I know, that person had become the prime suspect in the Vancouver missing women's case.
see- Lethbridge

I traveled to to Vancouver to speak with Kathy Tomlinson,  intending to speak with her personally.  Unfortunately she had left for England that week for unknown reasons. Instead, I had a discussion with an attorney from the law firm representing Kim Rossmo. I obtained a phone number and left a recorded voice message on Rossmo's home phone. I mailed information on the missing girl Elizabeth to Rossmo. He simply turned the information over to an RCMP member identified as Don Adams. Don Adams eventually became the lead investigator in the Picton pig farm case.
see- Kim Rossmo 

Within days of the conversation with Tomlinson, the news began reporting on the disappearance of a young girl from Lethbridge, Alberta.  Lethbridge was the home town of the person the fifth estate had just called to ask questions about.

Two weeks later the little girls body was found, Tony Gallop a former Kelowna resident was arrested for this murder. Gallop had been the room mate of the man suspected in the Vancouver missing womens case the fifth estate had just called about dating back to the time of the incident they were looking into. Gallop was one of the only other witnesses who would have known about the same events. Gallop had personal involvement with the same cop, Sgt. Tidsbury. In 1982-83 Gallop was a juvenile charged with the break and enter of a local business. (Price and Markel). Sgt. Tidsbury was involved with Gallop then. Gallop had gotten off his charges and was suspected of becoming an RCMP informant. Gallop later had his Kelowna assault charges stayed before leaving town to return to Lethbridge. Gallop was eventually convicted of murdering this child and nothing has been heard from him since. 
see- Tony Gallop arrested 

After the trial, Gallop's lawyer said that he had received a call from an Edmonton attorney identified as Brad Willis who had information concerning high level RCMP involvement in both this and the Mindy Tran case. The Edmonton attorney had a change of heart and later refused to provide any more information.
listen to - voice recording of Gallop's attorney

An attorney also provided additional information to a Surrey RCMP member on my behalf about Mindy Tran on a confidential basis. The Surrey RCMP member involved was at first very interested in Sgt. Tidsbury's association with multiple child killers.  Within a short period of time, that RCMP officer refused to respond to my lawyer despite repeated requests from the attorney. This police member had verbally admitted that they had a missing person report for an Elizabeth from 1981 but they would not allow me or my lawyer to see her photo for identification purposes.  Unknown to me at the time, Sgt. Tidsbury's superior, the former head of the Kelowna RCMP detachment, had become the new supervisor of the Surrey detachment where this information had just been submitted. The RCMP officer receiving the information never responded again. He supposedly turned his file over to a specialized section of the Kelowna RCMP against our specific request not to do so. The RCMP member was recorded in a final conversation as he was again being requested to get information on  Elizabeth from the Campbell river area. He had previously made some "discrete"  calls and found there was a missing person named Rebecca from Surrey in 1980 and an Elizabeth from Campbell river in 1981. However, he had discounted anything not listed out of Kelowna at the time and did not follow up on it in a discrete fashion..
recording -RCMP voice recording
recording -attorney speaking of request to view missing person picture. 
recording -police officers personal secretary verifying calls from attorney.
see- official notarized request to Police

I visited Kathy Tomlinson again, at a later date, following her return from England. At this meeting, I provided her additional information about Shannon Murrin and his handler Sgt. Tidsbury. I did not reveal Sgt, Tidsbury's connection to Tony Gallop at that time.  Coincidentally, our meeting was the day after a CBC interview with Sgt. Tidsbury. Kathy Tomlinson was quite excited and told me that during the interview, their reporter asked Tidsbury whether Murrin was an informant. Tomlinson said that Tidsbury then asked for the camera's to be shut off before confirming "off the record" that Murrin was indeed an informant. I asked Ms. Tomlinson if they got this on tape.  She said to leave it up to her to get the Tidsbury statement on record which she said she would do once she got authorization from her superiors. I called her back on numerous occasions asking when the authorizations would be approved. I finally got a hold of her at a later date and did tape record our conversation.  The recording quality was poor but understandable. Tomlinson claimed her bosses would not approve the story because it would be too difficult to prove. I asked if her bosses were aware that Sgt. Tidsbury had admitted Murrin was an informant.  She said yes. Despite that, the CBC instead produced a fifth estate story which virtually exonerated Murrin and further supported his claims of wrongful prosecution.  
see transcript - Murrin and the fifth estate

 I was surprised to learn that soon after this converstion Tomlinson left the CBC for undisclosed reasons and was now working as a reporter for CTV news. She won an award for reporting on the Vancouver missing women case. I called Tomlinson, at CTV to tell her about the Lethbridge murder case which was just proceeding to trial.  I told her this case involved another RCMP informant, Tony Gallop. I asked her for suggestions on how I might present that story so that I could avoid the same obstacles that I had encountered with the CBC. We were speaking on the CTV main phone line and she seemed nervous about that.  She was also suspicious about why I had brought another of these stories to her. I was recording the conversation in hopes of getting her to disclose more about the "off the record statement" made by Tidsbury to the CBC reporter, however she refused to discuss the incident in any detail.  Tomlinson had taken the information I had left with her at the CBC with her when she left. She returned it to an attorney as per my request following this conversation.
see- CTV envelope returned to attorney
see- notarized by attorney

Almost immediately after this conversation, Tomlinson was moved once again, this time to Ottawa where she became a reporter for CTV National News.
see- Transcript of final conversation

 I later made contact with Paisly Woodward an attorney at CBC who was Kathy Tomlinson's former colleague while she was at the CBC. I used a former media professional as the initial primary contact in order to expose the story of Tony Gallup's connection to Sgt. Tidsbury in association with the murder of the young girl in Lethbridge.  Tony Gallop was also the last person to be seen with Charles Horvath after Charles was reported missing in 1993.  Mrs. Horvath has independent information linking Gallop to her son Charles.  By then, Sgt. Tidsbury was already suspected of being Tony Gallop's handler as well as Shannon Murrin's.
see- story sent to CBC disclosure

 After disclosing details to Woodward, she eventually agreed to contact Kathy Tomlinson for the name of the interviewer, camera man, and witnesses who heard Sgt. Tidsbury admit that Shannon Murrin was an RCMP informant.  She did and disclosed the names. Woodward claimed there were no informant protection laws that would prohibit the CBC from investigating or publishing this story. She said that I was making up some conspiracy in my mind about the CBC not doing the story because Shannon Murrin was an informant and blamed me for just not having enough proof for the story to proceed. I reminded her that they once had a taped confession from Tidsbury that was now classified as "off the record"  I said that I did not bring the story about Shannon Murrin to the CBC just to have the CBC ask a few questions then agree to keep it off the record! Woodward told me to find Elizabeth and prove what had happened to her before she or the CBC would even consider looking at anything more. 
see - CBC attorney

Within days of my last conversation with Woodward, Kathy Tomlinson was  transferred again, this time right out of the country to Washington D.C. where she became the CTV News International correspondent. It was another strange co-incidence involving the sudden "accidental" death of a child in Victoria B.C. that week which precipitated Tomlinson's move again. The child's mother was the then CTV National News Washington D.C. correspondent Rosemary Thompson. Rosemary understandably took a leave of absence as a result to be replaced by Tomlinson in Washington D.C..   

Whatever transpired between the time Tomlinson was asked by Woodward for the witnesses names and her transfer remains unknown. I never contacted Woodward again nor did Woodward or Tomlinson ever attempt to contact me again either.
see- toddlers death at ctv

The CBC reporter named by Tomlinson and Woodward, the reporter who  obtained the admission that Murrin was an RCMP informant, was later setup, discredited, prohibited from reporting, and ultimately fired from the CBC. " 
see-  Christina Lawand's dismissal

On the advice and recommendation of a friend, I also visited Gary Simmons a well respected CBC radio announcer at CBC Radio in Kelowna B.C. where I once again recounted these stories. This person was also very interested and asked me to call him back the next day after he talked to his boss to arrange for an official interview. I did but when I called back the next day, I was told by a secretary that the reporter was in a meeting with a couple of CBC executives who had just flown in unexpectedly that morning from Vancouver for something important. I never got to speak to the reporter again, he never answered or returned my calls afterwards. Gary Simmons was currently on an extended leave of absence until further notice at the time this was written.

 I sent an extremely detailed report to the RCMP Public Complaints Commission which included a story that would cast suspicion upon Shannon Murrin for the Edmonton murder of three year old Punky Gustafson. Ten years after Punky's murder, and only hours later on the very day that I sent this info by registered mail to the RCMP Public Complaints Commission, an arrest was made in the Punky Gustafson murder case. The news reports would term it a hastily arranged arrest.
see- story
see- Complaint re: Punky

I later found out that our phone line had likely been tapped at the time I was gathering the information to be sent to RCMP Public Complaints Commission. The Fifth Estate investigation disclosed that it was the Americans who were listening in, even after the wire tap authorizations had expired.
see- wiretap

I could find no other investigative body in all of Canada with the power to force the RCMP to obtain the unsecured  evidence that was still available or to over rule their decision to close the Mindy Tran case. The RCMP Complaints Commission mandates that the RCMP investigate any complaints against the RCMP themselves. Unknown to me at the time, evidence obtained from any other source other than the RCMP is merely turned back over to the RCMP for them to investigate. 

Within ten days of my information being sent to the Complaints Commission, there was another suspicious home invasion.  This time it was in the same neighborhood where Shannon Murrin was seen on the night of Mindy's abduction. This neighborhood had also just been identified in the submission to the RCMP Complaints Commission. Four persons were stabbed, possibly fatally, at a residence close to where Murrin had been seen on the night of the abduction.  This occurred following the disclosure of that suspicious residence to the RCMP Complaints Commission. An RCMP investigator stated to a television reporter that it was the worst crime scene he had ever seen, with the blood almost running out the doors. I hastily published the first website and circulated a flyer throughout that neighborhood to get media attention focused on the area in an attempt to warn everyone about what may be going on behind the scenes.  Some people did admit to having information but most were now too scared to ever talk following that home invasion. The RCMP claimed, in a news story, that they were investigating the home invasion but would not provide the names of the victims or any more details at that time. The RCMP never did disclose the identity of the victims.  All news accounts of this exceptionally violent home invasion have now also disappeared from the news paper archives. Who were the victims in that residence, what did they know, what had they witnessed, simple yet unanswered question that remain to this day?? 

The local news paper did report that I had been circulating a flyer around that Rutland neighborhood, however their method of reporting was fairly strange.  This was published in the same newspaper that was already concealing the evidence of my vehicle and hence my ability to prove that I was a witness to Mindy's abduction.
see_ news story
What had been going on in that neighborhood previously?
see- past events

The drug case "project endocrine" that was being used to allege that the home invasion at our residence  was drug related, went to court. One of the attorneys involved attempted to bring up the Mindy Tran case in relation to his clients drug case. That attorney was found dead of an apparent suicide shortly afterwards. 
see- project endocrine

The project endocrine drug investigation would later reveal that one of the primary targets of this investigation had also been a witness to Mindy Tran's disappearance. He had lived right there in that neighborhood right across from the park at the time. That witness, Don Martin, was arrested on drug charges just as the trial against Shannon Murrin was to start and never testified against Shannon Murrin either. Don Martin's lawyer, even though armed with this info, went on to just plea bargain his clients to a short period of home arrest without any trial. 
see- Undisclosed Tran witness 

After filing official reports to the RCMP complaints commission and making various requests for the release of documents under freedom of information legislation, the Kelowna news did take notice and began asking some questions. I had already put up the first website at and posted reward flyers all over Kelowna. That was June 23rd/2003, interest was building and people were talking and asking embarrassing questions. The Kelowna RCMP claimed that they were investigating the allegations brought against their members. All that momentum ended when a massive forest fire broke out.  In a very short period of time, this fire now known as the Kelowna Fire, threatened to engulf the entire town and burn it to the ground. A state of emergency was declared.  All resources including a multinational military force were brought in to combat the escalating fire storm. A fire that started 20 miles from Kelowna was eventually and coincidentally, brought under control right at the doorstep of Mindy Tran's memorial. This would be the last neighborhood evacuated. The entire community was called upon to rally support behind the RCMP and firefighters for their unselfish sacrifice to the community in this time of trouble. The RCMP tied their reputations to the apron strings of Kelowna's firefighters and the press never pursued them for their activiities in the Mindy Tran case...  
see- news report June/23/2003
see- Kelowna fire Aug/2003

One year later on the tenth anniversary of Mindy's murder, the local paper made mention that Murrin was an informant but then buried Mindy's story forever. Nothing was mentioned in the press about RCMP agent Shannon Murrin ever again.  
see- news story

I took the story of what was happening along with the evidence to my M.P. Darrell Stinson. Mr. Stinson was one of the strongest supporters of law and order in the parliament and was rightly outraged about what he heard. He said that he would make some inquiries and see what he could do. He never responded and I had to go search him out at a community gathering. He told me then that when the RCMP declare someone a protected witness or informant, there is nothing that even a member of parliament can do. He said that even he could not get any more information and that his hands were tied. Coincidentally at the same gathering, Darrell Stinson's mother told me that representatives from the United States Home Land Security Office had recently come up and visited Darrel Stinson at his home after I had spoken with him apparently so as not to attract media attention by visiting him at his MP office. I was never told the nature of the visit but Mr. Stinson never spoke to me again or attempted to further this cause afterwards. Darrell Stinson's mother wasn't a big Harper fan and went on to tell me how the Americans and the RCMP just loved Stockwell Day. 
see- my letter to Stinson September 2003


If things weren't getting strange enough already, people in the area surrounding my home started reporting strange and unexplained lights in and over the hills on each side of the narrow valley bordering our residence. This was happening in a very small town of only three thousand people.  It seemed extremely unusual to me to say the least when sightings of UFO’s began happening right outside of our residence immediately after reporting a government protected child killer to the authorities.
see- strange sightings Dec/2003
see- man made?
see- former Prime minister explains


A hit counter installed on the website began registering a sequence of hits originating from the Ottawa RCMP and the Victoria Police Department one week before another police informant/ serial killer, Terry Arnold was found dead. The page they were looking at was the page comparing Shannon Murrin's case with that of Thomas Sophonow for the murder of Winnipeg's Barbara Stoppell in which Arnold had become the prime suspect. A man contacted me after Arnold's death claiming that Terry Arnold had just been shopping around for an editor for his book, an auto biography that Arnold said would be explosive. It was supposedly being kept in a computer file on Arnold's computer at the time of his death. The RCMP have seized Arnold's computer since his apparent death and refuse to release any information even to Arnold's own family. It was also learned that the fifth estate had been looking at the same information and that witnesses were being interviewed for a story the fifth was planning to do on Arnold. That story would have brought up the connections to Shannon Murrin again but it never went to air following Arnold's death. 
see the page- 

Shortly afterwards, my own 72 year old aunt was brutally attacked in a Winnipeg back alley behind her bank in broad daylight after I had posted the series of news articles questioning Terry Arnold's status as a "protected" police informant and his connections to Barbara Stoppel's murder. My aunt's attacker never even took her money! 


The former head of the Winnipeg Police where Thomas Sophonow had been falsely convicted of Barbars Stoppel's murder, relocated to Kelowna to become the administrative head of the Kelowna RCMP. He worked together with the same police officer who was providing false evidence to make the home invasion at our residence appear drug related. The home invasion investigation was scuttled.
see- Dave Cassels - former Winnipeg Police Chief 
see- Dave Cassels - put in charge of Kelowna cops 


Sheila Steele, the publisher of the injustice busters website, was provided information about the surprising disclosure found in the David Milgaard inquiry, involving  Sgt. Tidsbury  the lead investigator in Mindy Tran's murder investigation. Sgt.Tidsbury was the RCMP officer assigned to reinvestigate the witnesses who had falsely implicated Milgaard. Sgt. Tidsbury was identified as having a special high level clearance with the Federal justice department.  This involvement exposes a strange series of events that led to one of the witnesses being taken to Ottawa for an "experimental hypnosis session".  Following this procedure, she was then taken to a U.S. military institution for a session with a doctor noted for his involvement in CIA mind control! The official findings of the inquiry blamed Milgaard's mother for the delay of justice in his case. Nothing was mentioned in the findings about how two witnesses ended up giving the same false story which implicated Milgaard. The strange involvement of Sgt. Tidsbury and his connection to a U.S. CIA mind control operation was never investigated any further. This had all occurred prior to the abduction of Mindy Tran.
see- Milgaard official inquiry docs

Sheila Steele was interested in following up on Sgt. Tidsbury’s connection to the C.I.A. and the U.S. Military. Much of her site had been dedicated to generating the Milgaard inquiry and she said that she would get this information into the right hands. Sheila was found dead of an apparent heart attack shortly afterwards. She would never see the official findings from the inquiry. 
see- Sheila


We tried to hire an attorney ourselves but most declined or simply quit shortly after representing the case. Eventually a lawyer from a large Kamloops law firm, Fulton and Co. took the case (and our money).  The lawyer  structured the case in such a manner that it violated the legal time frame for the case to be heard by the courts.  He then quit and saddled our next attorneys with a case that had no chance of success. It was only later that we discovered that the first lawyer was the son of a former federal liberal cabinet minister who had been the biggest supporter of implementing legislation to allow RCMP informants immunity from criminal prosecution.  Our former lawyer, Len Marchand,  blatantly refused to assist our new attorney to defend the cause he  had structured for failure. After six years of trying and many thousands of dollars later, the case was thrown out on a legal technicality that should have been known from the start. Most of our evidence was turned over to the crown in the process. The crown was merely intent on getting rid of the charges against the RCMP and never made any attempt to request or obtain the information and evidence which would justify additional charges against both the RCMP and Shannon Murrin.
see- Marchand and the RCMP 


A hit counter on the website began registering a sequence of hits originating from the Red Deer RCMP detachment.  Similar sequence of hits were originating from a location in Stony Plain. Both locations were looking at the murder case of Punky Gustafson which was about to come to trial at the time. The item of interest to them was the news report of the size six shoe print found at the scene of the crime. The hits suddenly stopped at the same time that four RCMP members were killed in Mayerthorpe Alberta. One of the murdered mounties had the last name Johnston. News reports stated that he had a brother in the RCMP stationed in British Columbia. Colin Johnson was the name of the Kelowna RCMP member who had washed the DNA evidence from Mindy Tran's clothing under orders from his RCMP superior, Sgt. Tidsbury. Colin Johnson was one of the RCMP members reported to have attempted suicide after Murrin's acquittal. Johnson was supposedly reinstated and promoted. The size six shoe remains an unresolved issue in the murder of Punky Gustavson to this day.  At the time of Mindy Tran's abduction, the local radio station reported that Murrin wore a size six. Even though Clifford Sleigh was charged and convicted for Punky’s murder, his shoe size has never been revealed. 
see- the size six shoe
see- Mayerthorpe


Making the information at known had emboldened a witness in another murder case to go to the police with his information and evidence of a double murder involving Shannon Murrn. After going to the police willingly and with no suspicion directed at him of being a suspect, he helped to find the bodies and led the police to the murder weapon, but was later arrested for both murders himself after disclosing his involvement in order to tell the truth about what he had seen Shannon Murrin do. He claims in news reports that he is being railroaded to take the fall for both murders. A preliminary trial got underway in Newfoundland under a strict media blackout. In the end, he was convicted of manslaughter but not before the crown issued a statement of fact naming Murrin as the shooter.

 The best friend of one of the local Police Officers in our home town, defrauded my family and father out of a large portion of his retirement savings. That police officer had inside information that a large drug bust was about to go down and that my brother was being implicated in the case. The theft of my fathers money took place the day after the arrests in the drug case began. Despite being presented with evidence of fraud, the RCMP would not look into it, calling it a civil matter. My brother discovered evidence to prove that the RCMP had falsified the evidence against him which make it appear that he was involved in the drug case. My father's condition deteriorated after years of fighting for the return of his own money. Eventually he did recover a small amount but was subsequently sued for the return of those funds shortly afterwards. My father died two weeks after being served papers demanding the return of the little money that he had been able to retrieve. What began at that time has never ended, we have constantly had to defend ourselves from a strange series of legal actions that originated from these events. The person who perpetrated the fraud is suspected of being informant D. named in the RCMP investigation papers relating to the drug case project endocrine. Despite evidence of multiple frauds and other crimes, suspected RCMP informant, William DeWitt  has never been charged. 
see- family under attack
After being forced into seeing the above events, one does not look at things in the same light ever again. My trust in all of Canada's official institutions was badly shaken. The following is one of the few explanations that I could find which reflected the similarities of what I had encountered...


" you see, . you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of person's life. If they give in they go under. If they don't give in it's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. "There is no defense against an evil which only the victims and perpetrators know exists."

The Police by way of their informants can in effect murder anyone of us and any witnesses they want and get away with it under our laws. They operate no differently than as if they were an arm of organized crime. No one is allowed to investigate or report.
see-  legal protection

As suspected and predicted, Shannon Murrin was paid off by way of an out of court settlement. This was an ongoing research project, It will now be left as is.. unfinished, Anyone who wants to can independently pursue any aspects of this case they may wish.

see- Case updates


It is very difficult to understand why Canada, a democratic country founded on freedom and justice, would sanction the RCMP and other federal intelligence agencies to continue with operations that display such a callous disregard for the  lives of their own citizens. As one news reporter said in regard to the unprecedented police obstruction uncovered by the Mindy Tran investigation, "we all know what they did, we just don't know why" Trying to answer that question would lead far a field.  Silence for no other purpose than to cover up the truth leads to speculation.  This is how conspiracy theories are spawned. Everyone is free to come to their own conclusions.  The facts are here for all to see,