If anyone has any doubts that their own child or loved one could be abducted right off the street here in Canada, in broad daylight, in front of multiple witnesses, or that the Police would work together with a killer to ensure his immunity from prosecution, you should think again. It is the long forgotten story of Elizabeth that really shows the pattern of obstruction and deception and the secret relationships that exist between RCMP agents and their RCMP handlers. 

Who was Elizabeth? She was one of Shannon Murrin's first victims, a missing person since 1981. Officially, you are not even allowed to know that she ever lived. She has been wiped from every public record so thoroughly it is as if she never existed. You won't find her in any missing person data base. No one is allowed to give information to the  Police. The Police are ordered not to take statements, the media cannot pursue or publish her story. This is the case that would prove that Shannon Murrin and Sgt. Gary Tidsbury had been partners in murder in the past and would show the Tran investigation and trial for what it really was, a sham right from the start. That is also why you will likely never hear of Elizabeth any where else ever again. When Elizabeth disappeared, Shannon Murrin could have been and should have been stopped right then and there, but instead National Security was called upon to silence the witnesses. It all sounds too far fetched for something like this to actually be happening right here in Canada but it is happening and there is evidence. The identity of Elizabeth, her family, her killer, and the RCMP investigators involved are all being concealed under the provisions of National Security. It may even be worse if we were ever to find out what happened to Elizabeth's family. No matter what excuses the police or the government come up with to deny having knowledge of Elizabeth's existence, a secretly recorded conversation exists of an RCMP Officer admitting that Elizabeth is on record and listed as a missing person in the RCMP's own missing person data base. That missing person file alone could prove and provide the identity of the persons behind the RCMP Sanctioned murder of Mindy Tran! 

Some of the information left behind from Elizabeth's murder provided key evidence that would become of supreme importance in the Mindy Tran murder case years later. There was a newspaper article showing a sketch of the rapist operating in Kelowna just prior to the time of Elizabeth's disappearance. The same person last seen with Elizabeth was also the person being implicated as the Kelowna rapist by others. The story had been in the local paper back in 1980 and it was still there when I went looking years later. There would likely be DNA available from the rapes, both reported victims went to the police and the hospital. Shannon Murrin is the only suspect in both the rapes and the disappearance of Elizabeth.
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I took photo's of the RCMP members and their vehicles while they were overseeing the demolition of the house that Shannon Murrin had taken Elizabeth to on the night that she disappeared. That's correct, the RCMP oversaw the demolition. One of the demolition crew members told me that the back wall of the bedroom was coated in a dark gooey sticky substance and completely covered with black flies. He said that a large square piece of carpet had already been cut out and removed before they began work. I was seen by one of the cops while I was in the process of taking pictures. I was put under surveillance and eventually had to speak with the police member in charge. He identified himself as being a Federal RCMP member and produced identification with the name Glen Woods. He said that they operate under different laws than the provincial police force and ordered me to turn over any photo's that I had taken. I did. 
Murrin's residence had been on the S.E. corner of where KLO and Rickter St. meet. The property became the home of a law firm afterwards and more recently an ICBC office. The building marks the spot where Elizabeth was taken to and murdered. There would be property records etc. The same scenario played out again in Mindy Tran's case, the residence where she had been taken to was demolished less than two weeks after she disappeared before any evidence could be found..

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So in effect I have already turned over information and evidence to the RCMP that would prove that Shannon Murrin was in Kelowna and implicated in the murder of Elizabeth. The RCMP are in possession of that evidence and of photos of another witnesses home. The cop that Glen Woods was seen operating with in Kelowna was Gary Tidsbury who would later become the lead investigator in the murder of Mindy Tran.

Glen Woods went on to become the head of the behavioral profiling division out of Ottawa. He and his department are also in charge of missing person cases across the country.

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The document that Woods he had me sign to force me to shut-up was called the Canada Secrets Act. There would be a copy of that somewhere in the RCMP archives under national security. There was a witness present for the signing. Woods also told me not to bother getting a lawyer and contesting anything, he said "we control the courts."

How ugly that is to now know that the very people and department responsible for finding missing children are the very ones responsible for their disappearance and cover-up!


While the search for Elizabeth was still going on in the fall of 1981 in Kelowna, a report of her vehicle having been seen was broadcast on the news. The story claimed it was seen on a ferry boat returning to Vancouver Island where Gary Tidsbury was supposedly stationed as a member of the Victoria Police at the time. Nothing was ever reported about Elizabeth afterwards. 


Later in 1981,  Murrin's room mate from the time of Elizabeth's disappearance was shown on the news being taken away in an ambulance from KLO road escorted by Sgt. Tidsbury. The room mate was home on the night Elizabeth was last seen and reported at the time that he thought Murrin had just raped the girl he brought home. I told him of the missing person poster that was being circulated and told him to go to the police. The local TV station was questioning what was going on and pursued the story. Eventually they reported on the news that they were being forced to stop reporting this story under national security. The television stations legal department contested the order and got a reprieve for one day. They told everyone on the noon broadcast what was going on and instructed everyone to tape the next news program at 6:oo P.M. as they could not believe that this was actually happening to them. All of the members of CHBC and almost any lawyer or politician or business person active in Kelowna at that time may recall or even have a taped copy of this event. There would be court records somewhere or in the legal department of CHBC. No-one knew what was taking place at the time or why. The Police did not want any record left that would show  Murrin and Tidsbury being together in Kelowna at that time. Why?


Now the RCMP would have us believe that Mindy Tran's case was accidentally botched despite the growing evidence of a continual and unprecedented level of obstruction at all levels, including the deliberate destruction of DNA evidence and a series of murdered missing and threatened witnesses. The same cops from Elizabeth's time period had showed up again. 


Whether the RCMP want to admit this or not doesn't matter. One cop unknowingly disclosed that they still have Elizabeth listed in their records. So compliments of Elizabeth, here is that tape recording of a conversation between myself and the RCMP member talking about Elizabeth. This conversation took place only days after he had been first told of Elizabeth and had been making some discreet inquiries to friends within the missing person department. 

After gaining an admission from the RCMP that Elizabeth was still in the RCMP missing person data bank, an official request was made by an attorney on my behalf to the RCMP , asking for a picture of Elizabeth to be provided for purposes of identification. The RCMP never responded to that or any subsequent requests. 

see -copy of signed and notarized official request

A taped conversation between this attorney and myself tells the tale of trying to find Elizabeth. 

This is the only piece of evidence that will likely ever exist to show that Elizabeth was a real person who once lived among us. It's up to the RCMP to explain why she has been wiped from public record.