For Whom The Shirt Fits!


I had followed a suspect on the night of Mindy Tran's abduction as he was returning back from a nearby park on route to his destination on Collison road. That residence was never disclosed in any court documents or news reports. I ended up being one of few who knew where Shannon Murrin had been hiding out shortly after Mindy disappeared. The police could not make their case against Shannon Murrin stick with their fictitious sequence of events and Murrin was acquitted as a result. There were other witnesses at this residence, yet none of them apparently disclosed what they saw or knew in court proceedings. How do you prove something when the evidence of that is being concealed by all involved and obstructed by the RCMP themselves. 


For starters, I went and found the other witnesses; all of them. 

While I had been following the suspect and just before he showed up at the residence in question, I saw a young girl standing on a street corner watching him intently as he walked past her. The suspect was carrying something but from the distance where I was I could not tell if it were the same suitcase I had seen him with earlier. I would not have noticed this still little figure on the corner except as I began pulling away, I saw a woman coming back to the corner to take the little girl by the hand and pull her onward up a side street. When I later found those people, the woman said that she had been called as a witness in the trial and that she had identified the person on that corner as Shannon Murrin. She also confirmed that she was with a little girl at the time and said that the girl had also identified the suspect as Shannon Murrin but that she was too young to be put on the stand. She said that the suspect passed by them at approximately 8:15 P.M. This location was directly across the street from where I found the suspect sitting in a carport about ten minutes later. This witness supposedly testified that the suspect was wearing dark colored clothing at that time.

 Then I found another witness who had seen the suspect about a block away from this sighting. He said that he was positive that it was Shannon Murrin and that both he and his father had seen him. This witness had great detail. The suspect they saw was wearing a white levi type shirt with his sleeves rolled up exposing a prominent tattoo on his right forearm. He said that the suspect had a suitcase with him and that it was about  9:15 P.M.

When these two witnesses who were both claiming that they saw Murrin during this time frame went to court, they were played against each other due to both witnesses strongly claiming it was Murrin they saw but each having a completely different clothing description.


The witness who saw Murrin with his sleeves rolled up told the Crown prosecutor, Josiah. Woods and Sgt. Tidsbury that he would be able to identify the tattoo on Murrin's right forearm and asked if they would make him roll up his sleeve. The crown refused to allow this witness to say on the stand that the suspect had a tattoo on his right forearm,.  

A reporter interviewing Murrin would later confirm a visible tattoo on the exact location.


At the residence on Collison rd. where I had followed the suspect to at approximately 8:20 P.M. three other witnesses showed up over the next fifteen minutes or so. They were hanging around drinking beer in the carport. I later found out that there was an older woman living at the residence who had a collection of suitcases matching the one seen with the suspect. She had the complete set, the small, medium and the large. The description of her luggage was exactly as I had seen. Then I found that one of the other persons living there at the residence had a favorite shirt that went missing and was never seen again after the night of the abduction. It was described as a a white demin type shirt.


Many people passed on information about that residence. This was a party place at times. Sgt Tidsbury was even reported as having been seen there partying or "hanging out" with the "kids".


When Mindy first disappeared some of the people from this residence were among the civilian search force employed by the police to enter and search homes in the neighborhood. 


Later In 1997 before Murrin's trial began, a thief attempting to outrun the police with a stolen car ended a high speed chase right on the doorstep of this residence with a marked cruiser right behind him. Neighbors and witnesses reported seeing a man flee inside the residence. The media showed up and camped out all day. The police reported on the noon news that they could not enter the home without a search warrant. The news disputed that and waited. On the evening news neighbors said the police had never returned and a tow truck just showed up and removed the stolen vehicle with no questions asked. Witnesses said the driver of the stolen vehicle was still in the residence and had not come out all day. The residence was afterwards termed an RCMP "safe house" by people in the neighborhood following this incident.


A news person from the Daily Courier came across a series of unpublished stories on the Mindy Tran case and let me have a copy. In those stories was a reference to what Shannon Murrin had done with the shirt he was wearing on the night of the abduction. He had buried the shirt at another location where witnesses had seen him and knew where he hid it. That was obviously going to attract attention after Murrin was implicated in murdering Mindy Tran and the police were called and led to where it was. They arrived and dug it up. As far as the police were concerned apparently none of Mindy Tran's DNA showed up on it and that was the end of the story for them.  
found in- unpublished


It is this shirt that ties Murrin to a location not covered by his alibi, close to where Mindy's body was found, and refutes all of his excuses. That shirt ties the three witness stories together that could not be previously reconciled. Now Murrin could be tracked from start to finish, right from his residence where Mindy had disappeared, directly to her grave and back again. Three witnesses all identified Murrin within a block of this same residence and not where Murrin claimed to have been at the time. There are still three witnesses from this residence who have not publicly come forward to disclose what they know about Murrin's activities on that night. There are still people and other means of tying this shirt to the undisclosed residence yet! There may still be DNA evidence on the shirt tying it not to Mindy Tran but to a person living at this residence at the time who lost his shirt. 

One witness reported a police helicopter shining a spotlight into the back yard of this residence on Collison rd. at approximately 9:30 PM as someone was leaving on a bicycle out the back yard heading towards where Murrin was later seen. 

i found another witness who said that Murrin was wearing heavy dark clothing as he walked past her residence. She had become a missing person herself for a period of time following the abduction of Mindy Tran. She appears not to have made it to court either.
name found here in unpublished report.

4) When I first encountered the suspect on his way to the park and followed him back, he was wearing heavy dark clothing, unusually heavy for the weather that day. That was between 7:45 PM for the first sighting and 8:15 PM for the second.

So all in all there are at least an additional six witnesses found who did not make it to court to testify for various reasons, but all place Murrin in or around this undisclosed residence immediately after Mindy Tran's abduction. That makes at least eight people in total and a shirt with one hell of a story to tell!

quote: From unpublished news story-

E.S. Holmes, wife of Rob Holmes (one of three men charged with beating
Murrin at Mindy's gravesite on Jan. 5, 1995): "We are so devastated he
(Murrin) got off scot free. Son of a gun. It makes me want to throw up.
He'll end up being the richest man in the world.
"I've got to look forward to him threatening to kill us because we told
police where his clothes are.
(Rob) is so sick of it. He's getting all
kinds of news media calling."

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