One witness sent the following e-mail.



"I was involved in the search party that night for mindy and discovered a childs pink shirt covered in blood buried in a circle garbage bin in mission park. I called a police officer to look at the discovery and upon arrival he bagged the possible Evidence in front of 6 witness's and drove away. I never did hear in any reports of this finding or maybe it was not related?"


Mindy's body was eventually found months later only a few hundred yards from this location. 

The day before Mindy's body was officially discovered, a group of Native youths on a fishing expedition up Mission Creek stumbled upon a pair of child's pink runners while stashing their bikes in some dense bush. One youth stopped by himself and went over to where they were. He reports leaning over and picking up a mass of long black hair. As he was standing off the side of the trail he saw a man come along who did not see him. He says the man stopped a short distance away and began speaking to someone who was hidden in the bush. He reports that he had not  been able to see the man in the bush until the other stopped to speak to him. He says that the man in the bush waved the other aong and told him to just carry on. The man walking was described as looking a bit like a drug addict, similar in looks to what Tom Petty looked at the time. The man hiding in the bush was described as clean cut, short hair, clean shaven, and wearing a matching two piece jogging suit. There was one distinguishing feature. The man in the trees had a noticeable mole on his cheek about mid nose level. The group of youths claimed that they were  followed as they left the park. Mindy's body was supposedly found the next day under suspicious circumstances. 

Sgt. Tidsbury claimed that he had received a call from a psychic who told him where to find the body. Tidsbury called the search and rescue to look and were directed to the spot by Tidsbury. They found a piece of red flagging attached to a tree at the location Tidsbury had sent them to and found the body soon after. 


Two spots were initially cordoned off. The police would not say why a second spot had been secured only that there was some interest in it as well. The body was found not at but a few hundred yards from where the native youth had found the shoes. The location where he claimed to have seen the shoes was not where the body was found. The police claimed the shoes were found with the body.


If not for this event, Mindy may not have ever been found and there might not have even been a trial for Shannon Murrin. 


Sht. Tidsbury the RCMP investigator was photographed in the park the day Mindy's body was found. He has a mole on his left cheek. 

The location where the shoes were initially found by the youth was later transformed by the park board who diverted and made a spawning channel which almost covers that exact spot. 


Nothing has ever been disclosed to explain how the T shirt found under a garbage bin  and the pink shoes seen at another location, all showed up with Mindy when her body was found.



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