Wedding Day

On the evening of Mindy Tran's abduction a wedding celebration was taking place next door to Mindy's home. The street was lined with vehicles strange to the neighborhood. Two unidentified women were at one point seen talking to Mindy. Mindy was then last seen going to the door where Shannon Murrin was staying. Two unidentified women would later be shown on news reports sticking up for Murrin and acting as his spokespersons.

A strange unidentified classy white sedan described as having Alberta government license plates was seen parked a few houses away from where Mindy was last seen and where Murrin was later seen carrying a bundle wrapped in clothes and blankets. Murrin stopped to speak with the occupants of the car and then they all entered the vacant house together. The two men from the vehicle were described as having short hair, were clean cut, and were well dressed in business suits as opposed to wedding suits.

This vacant house at 1305 Gaggin became the initial location of investigation on the night of the abduction. A white car was reported in the RCMP documents. A man incarcerated on other charges would later claim that he had killed Mindy. Strangely he claims that he murdered her at this very same location. Elizabeth has shown us that Murrin has been the beneficiary of a high level of protection in the past and other confessions have been received in similar cases in which Murrin was a suspect, four in total now.

So what was the strange white Alberta government vehicle doing in the neighborhood? Among attendance at the wedding celebration were the parents of Stockwell Day. Mr. Day senior was the federal social credit party candidate against the NDP's Tommy Douglas in Vancouver in 1972.. Stockwell Day was the then finance minister for the Province of Alberta. The question would be, in which vehicle did the Day's arrive at the wedding. Stockwell Day himself was known to have been in the Okanagan Valley close to this time and was shown on the news about a week later visiting Grand Forks where he was being touted as the kind of politician needed here in Canada.

All of the members of the wedding party were prohibited from leaving town and sequestered at a hotel. The police kept them for weeks. The local news reported on the long confinement and reported that amongst the members were the parents of Stockwell Day. Upon their release the RCMP claimed that they had all been fully investigated and that no one was a suspect nor of any benefit as a witness. None showed up in court as witnesses. The RCMP claimed that they had been so thoroughly investigated that they had now obtained a judicial order barring anyone from ever investigating these people again in the future or from disclosing their names in relation to this event.

In light of the acquittal of RCMP agent Shannon Murrin due to actions of his handler, the lead investigator in the murder, the involvement of these people should be reconsidered. Out of about a dozen people held for weeks, there was not one shred of information or evidence that came as a result? Highly unlikely! These people have likely all been sworn to secrecy by the same procedure as was disclosed in the story of Elizabeth. The only motive that could warrant that action would be their knowledge of the vehicle with the Alberta government plates. The only known or viable source of this vehicle's arrival would be the Day family. Stockwell Day was the only current member of the Alberta government with connections to people known to be in the neighborhood and he would have had to arrange for this vehicle to transport his parents or he was there himself with the vehicle.

The story used to silence the wedding party was likely that there was no sense mentioning that Stockwell was in the vicinity as obviously he had nothing to do with it and it would only give fodder to his political adversaries who may try to sully his good name if this were known. By this means, the involvement of the Alberta Government vehicle has been silenced and Shannon Murrin's secret co-conspirators remain uninvestigated.

How about the persons reporting this vehicle?  There appears to have been some effort to convince these persons to remain silent about this vehicle under the premise that it would jeopardize chances of a conviction against the prime suspect, Shannon Murrin. That motive for that premise would likely have evaporated in the mind of the witness upon Murrin's acquittal. Neither of these witnesses could be located after Murrin's acquittal and both are now feared dead. RCMP Sgt. Tidsbury took their witness statements. There is evidence of a white car reported at this location in the Rcmp documents. The press knows that the Day family was in the neighborhood at the time. There would be a record of a judicial gag order barring reinvestigation of these individuals.

What is going on here?
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