A strange coincidence has been discovered here in Canada where many of the recent child abductions and murders In Canada have coincided with a Royal visit. Individually these cases could all be discounted but cumulatively they far exceed the odds of probability for coincidental occurrence.

There was a similar case of this type involving a member of the international press which was solved primarily due to a profiler recognizing this discrepancy in the odds of probability. Murders were happening everywhere this reporter was sent to cover a story.
see- Huvegnaut

Whether there is something similar going on with the Royals or if this is just some strange unexplained co-incidence is unknown? It would be up to our profilers to determine that by scientific investigation and analysis of the odds of probability instead of a summary dismissal due to an unsubstantiated classification as a conspiracy theory. Is there someone connected with the Royal entourage who needs to be investigated? The following are just some of the known cases coinciding with these visits. In all cases the victims bodies were only recovered after the Royals had left. There are explanations and convictions in some cases and strange unexplained events occurring in others. 

compare- dates of Royal Visits

Mindy Tran            Coincidence?       suspect-     RCMP agent/ Shannon Murrin

Amanda Zhao        Coincidence?       suspect-     Ang Li

Cecilia Zang           Coincidence?       suspect      convicted

Jessica Koopman    see- visits           convicted-  RCMP informant/ Tony Gallup

Monica Jack            Coincidence?       suspect  -   RCMP agent/ Clifford Olson 

Oahn Ngo Ha          see- visits           suspect  -   RCMP agent/ Clifford Olson 

Holly Jones             Coincidence?       suspect  -   convicted/partner unknown?


In at least two of these case, politicians from the ridings where the murders occurred, arose to defend the RCMP and supported legislation to allow the RCMP to break the law. 

see- Politician # One
see- Politician # two

In at least three of these cases, the same RCMP members are involved in the investigation or the ensuing events..
see- Chief handler

In two of these cases, the same RCMP member is suspected of being the handler of both informant/ agents/ child killers.
see- RCMP handler #1

Cop #1's boss has his own past associations with another of these cases involving another informant/ child killer.
see- RCMP handler #2

The police members and Politicians involved in these cases, receive awards and rapidly rise in positions of power.
see- RCMP promotions

Clifford Olson - Serial Killer Info

“During those seven years Olson’s prison style changed. To some he was known as ‘Bobo,’ a man who viciously ‘muscled’ or buggered young inmates. To others he became knows as ‘The Senator.’ This was because he honed his cell-room lawyer’s skills, by writing incessantly to both federal and provincial politicians with a barrage of complaints about prison conditions. He was also a `stoolie’, a person who would inform on anyone for any reason. This trait made him unpopular with both inmates and guards and he eventually needed protective custody.”

Olson was moved to the Super Maximum Unit (SMU), commonly known as the Penthouse, the “rat and rapo” unit, where the most despised cons were housed. It was here that he met accused child-killer Gary Francis Marcoix.