Chretien’s  Secret Police


Both before and after the Nanoose Bay incident, official inquiries into other federal political events revealed a rogue group of RCMP officers secretly available to the Prime Minister's Office to conduct illegal and unconstitutional operations. Chief amongst these events is the scandal surrounding the RCMP pepper-spraying of legal demonstrators at the University of British Columbia campus during the 1995 APEC summit.


The head of the APEC inquiry in his report noted that within the RCMP there exists a group dedicated to conducting secret political operations on behalf of the Prime Minister. There must have been contact between US president Clinton and Chrétien over the issue of Clark's alarming threat to cancel the lease on Nanoose Bay. A potentially fruitful area to concentrate investigations on would be to learn if Jean Carl and Peter Montague are in some way connected. There is already a firm connection established between Carl and RCMP officer Hugh Stewart. Given the gravity with which Clark's threats over Nanoose Bay were received in Washington and Ottawa, it is not implausible that Montague was conducting work on behalf of Carl's secret group of Chrétien loyalists within the RCMP when he collaborated with Gordon Campbell and enlisted John Daly in a campaign to destroy Clark.

Judge Bennett, in her decision of August 29, warned against smearing Montague's name. But Montague, in this scenario, is merely a pawn. The opening of Act II in the affair should be set in the Prime Minister's Office, with this question: Did Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien illegally deploy his rogue group of RCMP officers to remove from elected office a BC premier who proved an irritant in Chrétien's relations with US president Clinton?

The fact that the Ottawa headquarters of the RCMP somehow found over $5 million in a tight budgetary environment to finance a bogus investigation of Clark raises grave suspicions of a serious breach of the most sacrosanct elements of the constitution. The possibility of a secret federal government-orchestrated destruction of a provincial government, with illegally-employed national police resources, is one that must be taken seriously, however incredible it seems.


 Chretien brought his secret police force to Kelowna immediately following the abduction of Mindy Tran.