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2. Investigation

Constable Wlodarcazk was the first officer to arrive on the scene after Mindy had been reported missing. He was just beginning his inquiries when he was called to act as the uniform backup for plain-clothes Constables Seversen, Hoffman and Slade.

Seversen became aware that Mindy Tran was missing about twenty minutes after Mimi Tran reported her missing. Constables Seversen, Hoffman, and Slade had gone to a house on Gaggin or Elwyn Road that they were interested in and had requested a uniform backup. Constable Wlodarczak's role was to sit in front of the house in his marked police car. A few minutes later Hoffman reported to the police operator "negative on that possible". Wlodarczak said that the house was in darkness and there was no answer at the door. The white vehicle was parked there. Corporal Miller suggested that they keep an eye on the place. When questioned by Peter Wilson about this event Constables Seversen, Wlodarcazk, and Johnstone evaded the question. Peter Wilson did not pursue it.

Forty-five minutes after Mindy disappeared police received an anonymous call about a man in a vehicle cruising around Mindy's neighborhood trying to entice children with candy. Unfortunately the license number was written down wrong and it wasn't until days later that police realized they had the wrong license number.


On August 19th police received a tip that a girl matching Mindy's description was struggling with a man in a brown pickup truck. The brown pickup truck became the focus of the police investigation for the first few weeks.