Shannon Murrin has always been the key to solving Mindy Tran’s murder, the evidence is conclusive. Murrin either is, or knows the identity of Mindy Tran’s killer. It is highly unlikely that Shannon Murrin will ever talk on his own now that he has been acquitted. The best we can hope to come from Murrin would be for some sort of a statement to be left behind after his death.

Most of the evidence against Shannon Murrin has already been published at

The following four short stories have never been told. This is the most important information in the entire case, information that the RCMP never wanted made known! 

1)        After gathering the available evidence and putting it all together, what emerged from within the details of what I had witnessed on the night of the abduction was the missing link to the evidence that would conclusively identify Shannon Murrin as Mindy Tran's abductor and link him to all other witness accounts. The supporting physical evidence is still available but the RCMP staunchly refuse to respond to or make any effort to secure it. This is the missing link to the evidence that ties it all together.
see-  tale of a shirt


2)    As a result of the public request for information and reward offer made on the website, various people responded including the accused Shannon Murrin and his live in juror/girlfriend. A surprising amount of previously undisclosed information was provided. If not for this one unexpected encounter, Mindy Tran's body might not have ever been found and this case may never have even gone to trial.
see- the encounter

3)       Two witnesses described a strange meeting that took place between Mindy Tran's abductor and two unidentified males in an out of province vehicle just minutes after Mindy's disappearance. Shannon Murrin has been identified as the abductor and the evidence presented here supports the witness account. This is the most important evidence in the entire case and the key to both motive and the cover-up as well as the alleged suicides of at least one witness, a cop and a CHBC television exec. 
see- the white limo


 4)          Then there was the wedding party, beginning just at the time of Mindy's disappearance. The activities of one prominent Canadian politician in attendance are being questioned..
see-  Wedding Day


  Important information from the night of the abduction - 

Shannon Murrin obtained police investigation documents by way of a freedom of information request and his live in juror Kathy MacDonald jumped on the documented obstruction as proof of Murrin's innocence. She then published the information unaware that there was other undisclosed information, evidence, and witnesses that would tie in to the same documents to prove Murrin's guilt!. The uninvestigated house and the white car discussed in #3 above are verified here in these RCMP investigation documents. The first RCMP investigators involved are named. No one, neither the defense nor the prosecution pursued this information.
see- scene of the crime

The judge in the trial of Shannon Murrin improperly instructed the jury in regard to key events which provided a fictitious motive to justify an acquittal in the eyes of the jury..The judge informed the jury that the police may have had some involvement in trying to beat a confession from Murrin in the Kelowna park where Mindy's body was found. None of the jury knew that Murrin was an RCMP agent nor that this beating was instigated to keep him from being placed in a police line up for witness identification. Meanwhile, one of the eye witnesses waiting  to identify him was found shot in the head at the same time in another Kelowna park. 

The judge that presided over Murrin's trial, has now been arrested on corruption charges in another country. This judge was responsible for among other things, the RCMP investigation that replaced Premier Glen Clark with then A.G. Ujjall Dosanjh and eventually brought the B.C. Liberal government to power.
see- people responsible -U. Dosanjh



Former BC judge released from jail on bail in Cayman Islands ...
The Canadian Press, VANCOUVER - 25 Sep 2008
Henderson presided over several high profile BC cases, such as the murder trial of Shannon Murrin, who was eventually acquitted of the first-degree murder ...
Legal community in shock after judge's arrest CTV British Columbia
Former BC Supreme Court judge arrested in Caribbean Globe and Mail
Former BC judge arrested in Cayman Islands


BC Judge plans scuba trip following arrest
CTV British Columbia, Canada - 1 hour ago
He was the BC Supreme Court justice, who presided over the case of Shannon Murrin, the man accused of murdering of Mindy Tran.


 "Co-incidentally", it was also a story about Shannon Murrin which precipitated the events which eventually led to the entire collapse of Hollinger international! See the witness and the hidden motive for that event.
see- Hollinger

 This was not a small time operation isolated to just one cop and one informant. This case brought in multiple agencies and employed all the tools available to cover up the trail of evidence.  Evidence of the cover-up still remains. Ask Stockwell Day why there is still to this day, a judicial gag order prohibiting the press from reporting on the wedding party and why there would be a court order prohibiting the police from investigating any members of that wedding party even though this case is still officially unsolved!! All of Kelowna knew that the wedding guests included Stockwell Day's parents and that they had been kept sequestered at a Kelowna Hotel for weeks following the abduction. Perhaps herein lies the explanation for all of the other unusual and unexplained events associated with this investigation?

A summary of the original news reports shows what went on as the cover-up proceeded.

All of the following is easily demonstrable. 
Mindy Tran's  murder scene was quickly demolished under orders from the RCMP. 

DNA evidence was washed from the victims clothes under orders from the RCMP. 

Evidence disappeared and even the original news papers were removed from the archives. 

The RCMP constructed a case against the only suspect in a manner that virtually ensured his acquittal. 

Witnesses who did nothing more than report what they saw to the police have been found dead. 

One witness was set up by RCMP informants and threatened with extradition on drug charges, he never testified. 

Another witness became a missing person her self for a while and never testified. 

Others changed their stories. 

I was threatened at knife point my self by people claiming to be the RCMP. 

Cops, witnesses and media personal all involved in this case, were apparently all just committing suicide for no apparent reason? And still no one came to investigate!