Right from the day it all began I knew this would never be an easy story to tell. Long before  Mindy Tran met her fate, I had been a witness to the 1981 disappearance of another missing girl. Her name was Elizabeth, and she like Mindy, had last been seen in the company of the same person, Shannon Murrin. When Elizabeth disappeared, there were multiple witnesses, none of us had any doubts as to who was responsible, the evidence was conclusive and overwhelming. We the witnesses, were all silenced by various means. For me that meant having to sign a top secret government document known as the Canada Secrets Act. Any violation carried the threat of severe punishment. Such was the degree of protection afforded to Shannon Murrin then, he operated under the provisions and protection of National Security. We were all shocked and left to wonder why? I said a quick prayer and left it for "God" to deal with. The evidence and details left behind from this murder would eventually expose the people responsible for authorizing and covering-up the murder of Mindy Tran. 
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Thirteen years years later on the evening of Mindy Tran's abduction, I was thrust into the bizarre position of being a witness once again in another murder case involving the same suspect. By co-incidence, I had been driving through Kelowna on the night of the abduction when I encountered and followed a suspicious person back to his destination unaware of who he was at the time nor that a young girl had just been abducted from that neighborhood. As a result of me tailing him, my vehicle was seen and reported and I became the initial source of suspicion and Police investigation in the abduction. Media reports began broadcasting sketches of my vehicle but before I could inform the police of what I had seen, the RCMP planted another vehicle matching the description of mine and then proclaimed through the media that there was no problem with that vehicle in relation to the abduction. 
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I recognized the similarities to Elizabeth's disappearance by how this case was being handled and by whom. Despite what I already knew, even I could hardly believe that the RCMP  would  attempt to cover-up the murder of a child as it now appeared to me that they were doing. I suspected that the RCMP did not yet know the identity of the person who had been driving the vehicle, so I left town and shut up for years as I silently watched the events unfold. I saw news reports over the next year of travelers claiming they were being harassed by the police when driving through that same area. One man driving back and forth to work from the nearby community of Beaverdale even had to sue the police for harassment but eventually settled out of court. His vehicle was the exact same model as the one I had been driving on the night of the abduction. I knew then that the RCMP were carrying on the search for my vehicle in secret. The news reports and the original sketches of my vehicle disappeared from the newspaper archives. I knew that the driver of that vehicle was likely meant to disappear as well. 

I had the feeling of something very strange happening. To have encountered this same guy for whom I had previously been sworn to secrecy, once again at the exact moment when he was in the middle of disposing of a little girl's body was a spooky coincidence. Kelowna had become a fairly large town by 1994 and I was no longer a full time resident by then nor was this an area or route that I frequented. It only takes one minute for a person to cross the road where I encountered the suspect and disappear into the nearby park on the other side of the road. I happened by at that exact moment. I looked right at the guy carrying the suitcase from fifteen feet away. The weight of the suitcase he was carrying had spun him around exposing his face to me as he tried to avoid me by running around behind my vehicle and off towards where Mindy's body was later found. How eerie that was knowing now that Mindy was in that suitcase. It felt as if God Himself had chosen me to see this because I was one of few who knew how this guy gets away with murder and who was behind it! I became obligated to tell this story by some strange force far beyond my ability to control or understand!

Initially, my plan was to hire an attorney and go to the press before ever speaking to the police but before I could, the RCMP found out that I had been the driver of the first suspect vehicle by way of another strange coincidence. Shortly afterwards my life was threatened during an apparent home invasion style robbery by persons claiming to be an RCMP "e-team". Death threats were delivered both during the assault and afterwards recorded on a phone message machine. The suspects were all identified as known and suspected RCMP informants/ agents. The investigation was heavily obstructed and no charges were ever laid against anyone. RCMP investigation documents would later show that the RCMP had even falsified evidence so as to make this home invasion appear to be drug related. As a result of the death threats and lack of support from the Police, I again kept silent and never testified at the trial of Shannon Murrin. I knew that this degree of obstruction would be far too difficult to explain and without conclusive objective evidence there would be no protection or public support for me should I even attempt to speak. How do you prove something when the evidence of the crime is being concealed or destroyed by the RCMP themselves. I was aware that there were others who had witnessed the same events as I had, and who had provided statements to the Police before being found dead themselves. Shannon Murrin was eventually acquitted of the crime due to the obstruction and the RCMP quickly closed the case. 
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Following the home invasion, I pretended to be mystified and not to know of any motive for the  attack in order to justify instigating a series of investigations, inquiries, and law suits to get to and document the available evidence. I knew that uncovering whatever had transpired to cause this home invasion could also lead to whoever was responsible for obstructing the investigation of Mindy Tran's murder. I tried to force an explanation for motive from the RCMP. I recorded conversations with police officers, lawyers, and media representatives. I found witnesses, gathered evidence and identified the people and organizations involved. I eventually started a website under the name in order to make my name and a portion of this story known in hopes that might make any attempts on my life more difficult to cover-up. I publicly identified myself as a new witness and told most of what I had witnessed. I publicized the fact that Mindy’s abductor, Shannon Murrin, was an RCMP agent and pursued him as if I believed him to be the sole suspect in order to disguise having any knowledge of his secret co-conspirators. The website was also set up in a manner designed to to flush out and expose his protectors while I continued to gather information. Eventually most of the players would respond in some manner including the accused Shannon Murrin. The website- was visited by hundreds of thousands of people. Hits from all over the world, the Canadian and US Senates as well as the Canadian Parliament were registered. Many State, Provincial, and Municipal governments looked at the evidence. The US state and justice department as well as various levels of the RCMP and defense institutes visited the site. Numerous reporters and news agencies made visits. 
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After years of trying, I felt as if all avenues for justice had been exhausted and that there was nothing more that I could do. On the tenth anniversary of Mindy's murder, I wrote an apology letter to Mindy for my failure and left it at Mindy's memorial.  The Tran's had previously sent me a message through an RCMP spokesman asking me to desist and not to contact them as this was too troubling for the family. The local newspaper published a story on the tenth anniversary of Mindy's murder, written as if I were the only one claiming that Murrin was an RCMP informant and never mentioned that this same information had once been broadcast on CHBC back when the arrest of a suspect seemed to be taking too long.. The newspaper had Murrin's RCMP handler respond in the same news article singling me out and calling me a liar. Murrin backed up the cop in the same story. Both sides, the police investigators and the killer were now pitted against me. The RCMP claimed in the same news article that they had investigated my allegations but I can tell you they never contacted me or questioned me even once since I provided a statement. They never even asked for the address of the location I claimed to have seen the suspect return to. The police stated that the investigation was still open but they never once asked what evidence it was that I was claiming was still unsecured. No one from the newspaper did any follow-up. The media buried Mindy Tran for good on that day ten years after her murder.
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During the trial of Shannon Murrin, almost everyone including at least five Kelowna police officers had called Sgt. Tidsbury a liar.
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The RCMP rank and file members even attempted to form a union following the Mindy Tran investigation citing corruption in the ranks of their superiors involved in this case.
quote: 1994 slaying of eight-year-old Tran -- followed by his attempts to gag fellow officers, resulting in policy breaches that caused deep distrust and tension among officers.
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With no support from Mindy's family, the police, the justice system, our politicians or the press, I attempted to comply with the Tran's wishes and tried to consol myself with the fact that I had tried. I still felt as if I had failed to accomplish that which some strange force had propelled me into. I had shut-up after the murder of Elizabeth back in 1981 and I was keenly aware that my silence then had in some ways contributed to the death of Mindy Tran and others since. I tried to forget about it all but there was something else that nagged and ate away at me. I had never told the entire story of what I had witnessed, neither had I told anyone of the suspicious sequence of deaths which carried on long afterwards. I don't know if any of this information would have made any difference at the time or not, but I have since come to the realization that I am not qualified to judge. Perhaps there is some agency or department in Canada with a mandate to deal with this sort of crime if it were only made known. I had believed that if the authorities would not reopen the case based on the evidence already presented before them, the following would only make it worse. 

This information has never been told until now. There were other suspects involved in the abduction of Mindy Tran, one a high profile politician who would never be investigated. As time went by and I watched the activities of this Politician, I slowly began to realize that this was something that the RCMP never wanted known and could actually be the motive for the cover-up or even the actual murder of Mindy Tran as well. Evidence from the Tran investigation had easily demonstrated a pattern of deliberate obstruction on the part of the RCMP. There was no apparent reason to warrant this degree of protection in regard to Shannon Murrin, RCMP agent or not, but there may be justification for authorizing a high level cover up for this powerful politician and the shadowy organization behind him. What evidence is there to warrant an investigation of this particular politician?
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 The events surrounding the murder of Mindy Tran take on a whole new meaning when viewed in that light, including the string of suspicious murders, child abductions and missing persons which continued long afterwards even while gathering this information. The odds of probability for all of this being entirely coincidental are slim, and this is where the story becomes even more bizarre. Chasing the leads had uncovered sources of obstruction coming from unimaginably high places, extending even to the United States White House! 
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Who is the politician and why should he be considered a suspect? It's at this point that the evidence begins to match up with a relatively well known conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, it is this avenue of investigation that provides the only motive that fits all aspects of this case and therefore can not be avoided. For the uninitiated, separating fact from fiction in the soup of conspiracy theory is not easy stuff to wade through. However the total preponderance of facts and evidence exposed by this case creates it's own trail through the mess, one just needs to follow the leads. It is here where you will find motive and more! These are just some of the facts, you will have to make up your own minds. 
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For me, trying to forget about this murder and carry on with life as usual was a lot easier said than done but I am not now nor will I become suicidal. Recognizing that my own lifestyle and behavior was suffering as a result of keeping this dirty little secret to myself for so many years, I decided to write this final entry for better or worse in order to be done with this once and for all. All I know is that it should not be this difficult to get a child killer taken off our streets! When witnesses are silenced and threatened not to speak when it involves children being murdered, when our police, our courts, and our watchdog agencies all look the other way, something is seriously wrong ! These are usually the hallmarks of a third world banana republic with a corrupt military dictatorship, not Canada, at least not the Canada I once knew! 

If I should be found dead for any reason after publicizing this information, I am requesting more than just an inquiry into my death, the death of Mindy Tran, and any other witnesses mentioned in this report should the same befall them. The names of the perpetrators and their protectors are included here. I have no reason to lie or to make up any of these stories, nor did any of the people who provided this information.   

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